A Legacy of Impact

At Amare, our mission is to lead a global mental wellness movement that empowers people to live positive, productive, and purposeful lives. We are honored to further this mission through the Amare Caring Hands Foundation, formerly Kyäni Caring Hands Foundation, which will focus on supporting the mental well-being of vulnerable youth around the world through Amare Wellness Centers.

Through the years, the Foundation has advanced education and led impact projects all over the world, with a particular focus in Chiapas, Mexico. We will continue this incredible legacy- which includes building eight high schools, sponsoring 200 scholarships through the University of Chiapas, and sponsoring satellite campuses in six remote villages- through the co-creation of Amare Wellness Centers.

In partnership with organizations already working with vulnerable youth, we’ll create safe spaces that will cater programming, resources, and services within a local context, to local culture, and with local needs in mind.


Making A Difference

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