Gabriel Sanchez

President of Sales

Gabriel Sanchez was born in southern Mexico, where he lived throughout college and law school. He came to the United States in 2001 to further his legal education thus completing a Masters in International law at Brigham Young University Law School. Gabriel went on to practice international law for 12 years, first at a prestigious law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah helping international companies with their commercial operations and later served as Senior Counsel at the largest gold mining company in the world supporting and expanding its international business.

Gabriel´s true purpose is focused on mentoring and empowering others, therefore, he decided to join a Top 10 direct-selling company in 2012 where he was responsible for The Americas Region which represented 70 percent of the company`s total revenue. Gabriel´s drive and determination enabled the company to expand into new markets very rapidly thus impacting the company’s overall growth.

Additionally, Gabriel is committed to making a true impact in the world by actively participating in a number of business ventures which support various causes he is passionate about and are close to his heart. Gabriel is the proud father of five children.