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Our mission is to create a holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people.


Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, is the first direct sales company to focus on improving the quality of our lives through addressing the gut-brain axis. These products have been expertly formulated to be safe, effective, and innovative. Amare is a beautiful company with an important mission, to bring natural solutions for stress, gut health, improved focus, and better energy to the world.


I love starting my day with MentaBiotics. It’s the first thing that I consume when I reach the kitchen every morning. I notice that my mental clarity and focus is significantly better at the start of my day when I consume this product vs when I don’t. I have suffered for more than a dozen years with brain fog and poor gut health, and MentaBiotics helps to jumpstart my day.


Leading a very healthy and active lifestyle, I was frustrated that I was still battling brain fog, fatigue, and digestive issues. I was introduced to Amare in September, 2017. Adding Amare to my arsenal of healthy choices has completely transformed my life! I gained mental clarity, sustained energy, and NO gut discomfort. I have been able to sustain these results. Thank you, Amare! I am living my best life because I feel amazing!


I am so happy with the way I feel with Amare’s FundaMentals. Life has always been a struggle for me. Always felt like I couldn’t quite keep up. Now I am ready to face each day with a renewed sense of purpose. I think everyone who doesn’t feel quite right should give Amare a try.


Finally a company with integrity that addresses mental well-being from the gut-brain axis standpoint! Excellent clinical trials and technical data to support how our mental wellness is related to so much more than our brains...the gut! This will be a national conversation soon enough! Amazing company!


Amare has changed my life. I feel like a whole different person after taking the products for a short time.


Amare is the first company that made a difference in my sleep issues and my husband's gut issues. I am so thankful for so many positive changes in our lives!


For years I have made protein drinks for my husband and I. Some had a grainy texture. Some had a metallic flavor. None were as creamy and flavorful as Amare’s GBX Protein powder. It mixes well and tastes great with juices, almond or coconut milk, with or without fruit. Extra bonus, it’s good for our gut!


Love the mental focus I get from Amare Energy+. I have a lot going on in my life and with Energy+ I have noticed that flipping from task to task has been so much easier because of the clarity that I have now. It's Amazing!!!


We use the Kids FundaMentals as one of the foundation pieces for supporting my son’s mental wellness. We use Kids FundaMentals along with healthy diet and good sleep to ready our child’s brain and body for every day and help his gut/brain connection. Since we added Kids FundaMentals, we have seen steady progress both academically and socially. He is happy and thriving! We could not be happier with his progress.

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