Hiep Tran

Founder, Chairman

Hiep is the founder and visionary of Amare. He finds great meaning in coaching, mentoring and empowering people to succeed. The most significant moments of his professional career are the stories of members of his team growing and exceeding their own expectations for themselves. This passion for seeing others succeed is one of the primary reasons Hiep launched Amare — to empower others on a much larger scale than he ever could before.

The other main reason Hiep founded Amare was because of his journey with his own health and wellness. Although he had achieved a high level of success in the business world, he did so at the expense of his own physical and mental health. It was out of these hardships that the ideas for Amare began to take shape. Learning from his journey, Hiep developed a passion for health and wellness which he wanted to share with others.

Hiep’s commitment to excellence and integrity in all areas of the business is a constant emphasis to the entire Amare team. He believes that great products will make a difference, but an entire holistic platform of products, programs and a community of people supporting each other will change lives.