Amare GBX FIT™

The world's first QUADbiotic formula in a convenient & cool purple pill that targets the gut microbiome for healthy weight loss.

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Why You Need It

  • Weight loss support*
  • Improves gut health*
  • Reduces bloating and support a healthy inflammation response*
  • Regulates appetite and cravings*

What It Is

  • The world’s first QUADbiotic gut-brain axis product for weight loss
  • Combination of a specific prebiotic, probiotic, phytobiotic, and postbiotic targeted for weight loss in a cool and convenient purple pill

How It Works

  • Probiotic: Supports healthy inflammation response (de-bloat)*
  • Prebiotic: Appetite (less cravings)*
  • Phytobiotic: Stress resilience (better sleep)*
  • Postbiotic: Belly Fat (lose inches)*

Sugar Free
Caffeine Free

Soy Free
Dairy Free

Gluten Free

No Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners

All Natural

Introducing the world’s first
QUADbiotic for healthy weight loss

Let’s make your gut work for your waistline by leveraging the power of nature!
Watch this video to learn more.

What if it’s not your fault that you’re having trouble losing weight...what if it’s your MICROBIOME?

Your microbiome is just sending the wrong signals, sabotaging your fitness goals. You didn’t approve of these signals! It’s a travesty really, brought on by toxic chemicals in our food and in the environment … but just like our First Brain, the Second Brain can learn to change.

School your own microbiome and make it work for your waistline. Get GBX Fit.


Our revolutionary
QUADbiotic formula:

Our proprietary QUADbiotic formula combines scientifically-validated probiotics, prebiotics, phytobiotics, and postbiotics that synergize together to accelerate your body's capacity to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Each potent ingredient in GBX FIT does exactly that!

Amare Fit Program:
A Plan to Optimize Results with GBX Burn and GBX Fit


your muscles and lungs to mobilize fat stores and switch on feel-good endorphins and endocannabinoids



the right nutrients at the right time to switch on your microbiome and activate your mood and metabolism



is your secret fat-destroying weapon – get it and watch the pounds and inches melt away


Pair Amare products and the Amare Fit Program for optimal results!

It’s easy - just follow the basics and choose from the daily plan options.
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Products Usage & Ingredients

Directions: Take one capsule daily. For accelerated benefits, take two capsules daily.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Individual weight loss results may vary. It's possible for individuals to lose 1-2 pounds a week using Amare products and following the Amare Fit Program. However, there is no guarantee of specific weight loss results.

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